Termobuild redefines Smart Building Infrastructure

Termobuild redefines Smart Building Infrastructure

"In the attempt to advance our homes and cities we gravitate to latest and greatest in technology, but are quick to discard the old – in turn we have become an extremely disposable society," said Laken. "If we truly wish to become a sustainable marketplace, it begins with not only technology, but choosing solutions and materials that have longevity." Laken will be a part of this month's Smart Infrastructure Symposium taking place November 25 in Toronto.

His engineering company, Termobuild has developed a system of constructing energy efficient buildings which employ the use of a more ancient material, concrete, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Termobuild has maximized concrete's potential by combining ventilation, heating and cooling and thermal storage into one system - not only conserving energy, but harnessing it.

"We have found a way of providing more than a 'green' building. People are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and are also considering the impacts of health, comfort and resiliency for the long term," said Laken.

John Florian, Manager Facilities Central Services for Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
employed Termobuild for their facility in Chennai, India in order to fulfill their mandate of using green technology to lower their carbon impact. "One of our unique challenges was that India experiences intermittent power outages. The benefit of the Termobuild system is that it essentially charges your building, so in the case of hydro failure, the building coasts keeping it cool. In fact, we will deliberately turn the building off on the weekends to benefit from this system," said Florian.

The Termobuild solution is addressing the universal "Smart City" initiative – by developing a new wave of intelligent buildings with mainstream market appeal which bundle resilience, energy and financial efficiency that meet Sustainability goals.

Termobuild Smart Floor technology, is a prime example of a thermal system that has a positive impact on all three areas of; environment, health and environmental resiliency. Termobuild's mission is to shift the focus in the new age of infrastructure from individual, priced-based products towards a software-driven bundle offering to meet broader customer and environmental needs. Termobuild has succeeded in delivering green building solutions that are energy efficient, high performing, economical to build, easy to maintain while offering improved comfort and air quality.



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