Agri-tech innovator unlocks 40% energy saving thanks to norgren control & connectivity solutions

Agri-tech innovator unlocks 40% energy saving thanks to norgren control & connectivity solutions

Norgren has collaborated with Agri-tech start-up Singrow, an innovative genome and precision agriculture businessto drive operational efficiencies, including significant energy savings, at its strawberry crop vertical farm facility in Singapore. 

As a result of implementing Norgren’s control technology, including visualisation tools and system connectivity to oversee irrigation, lighting, and ventilation functions, Norgren has delivered a 40% reduction in energy costs for Singrow - helping the business with its cost base whilst delivering a more sustainable operation. 

Committed to innovative and sustainable crop productions, Singrow’s unique genome and precision agriculture platform cultivates, grows, and distributes produce under controlled conditions by leveraging a deep understanding of plant genomes to improve crop nutrition and yield with varieties that are disease and climate resilient.

Singrow’s strawberries can be grown at scale in tropical countries, breaking seasonal and temperature barriers and unlocking huge potential for growers while also reducing costs for consumers. 

To support Singrow’s sustainability aims, Norgren’s digital multimedia valve technology, intelligent temperature, and light intensity sensors, as well as data acquisition solutions, provide visualisation and connected system control management so Singrow’s critical processes such as energy use and water consumption are continually monitored, controlled, and resource deployment optimised within the growing chambers.

Norgren's control system ensures sustainable and optimised production for Singrow's strawberry crops. The system uses Buschjost solenoid valves to automate irrigation, providing precise water and nutrient delivery at specific times. Additionally, the system automates light delivery and ventilation control to support crop growth.

Real-time data acquisition through sensors allows informed decision-making based on measurements such as heat levels, light intensity, and nutrient levels in the soil. The constant data feedback loop further optimises crop yield and cost efficiency. Singrow is also able to access and manage Norgren's automated control process remotely via a mobile device, while Norgren’s Edge computing capability provides operators with essential data for day-to-day crop management and calculating the cost-to-yield ratio, enhancing production and commercial outcomes.

Dr. Bao Shengjie, CEO, and founder of Singrow, comments: “As an Agri-tech startup with our core technology from plant science, we must work with competent engineering partners who can help us develop our precise agriculture design. Norgren has always acted swiftly and professionally. With its strong engineering team and global network, Norgren not only developed a prototype for us, but a solution with new possibilities.”

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