Coldwell Banker ABR joins S2A to drive smart home certification

Coldwell Banker ABR joins S2A to drive smart home certification

Smart Home Certification Increases Home Value and Makes Financing Easier While Promising Cutting-Edge Technology and Lower Living Costs. Coldwell Banker ABR Agents Lead Certification and Homebuyer Education on S2A Modular’s Electrically Self-Sustaining, Stylish and Smart-Connected #GreenLuxHome.

S2A Modular – creator of the first electrically self-sustaining, custom and smart-connected luxury residence, the #GreenLuxHome – has joined forces with Coldwell Banker Associated Brokers Realty on smart home technology certification, in addition to driving education for homebuyers on the dramatic benefits associated with owning a #GreenLuxHome.

“We’re thrilled to have a globally recognized brand like Coldwell Banker ABR help drive the #GreenLuxHome revolution, both in educating their massive base of homebuyer clients on the compelling benefits of owning an electrically self-sustaining, custom and smart-connected designer home – as well as spreading the immediate and long-term benefits of smart home certification,” said John Rowland, president of S2A Modular. “We share a parallel vision in shattering old notions on home ownership, introducing homeowners to a smarter, more sustainable and truly stylish option that delivers immediately higher home values and lower costs of living, while redefining what connected luxury will be in the future.”

“We are working hand-in-hand to educate customers on the best luxury smart homes in the world, with the #GreenLuxHome at the top of the list,” said Jason Graham, smart home project lead at Coldwell Banker ABR. “Not only do these technologically advanced, sustainable homes simplify everyday living, but smart home certified properties promise higher home values, while lowering everyday costs on things like energy. The result: homes that are easier to finance and sell in the future.”

Homebuyer Confidence in Smart Home Certified Residences: #GreenLuxHome

Coldwell Banker ABR data highlights the fact that homebuyers are 65 percent more likely to purchase a certified smart home than one without a certification.

The real estate industry has experienced a significant increase in sales of homes with integrated advanced technologies, so Coldwell Banker pioneered and launched the smart home technology certification program, which also teaches its agents how to detail the history, modifications and benefits of smart home technology.

Coldwell Banker ABR has over one hundred smart home-certified agents within ten miles of S2A Modular’s projects, allowing these agents to take the lead in changing the way homebuyers understand how electrically self-sustaining, connected custom homes benefit them in the short and long term. Using marketing, social media engagement and educational websites, Coldwell Banker ABR is driving business and paving the way for the global #GreenLuxHome revolution.