Desigo PXC: automation with flexible scalability in building automation

Desigo PXC: automation with flexible scalability in building automation

Siemens has introduced the latest additions to its automation stations for the Desigo™ building management systems.

Desigo is designed to manage any facility, irrespective of its size or complexity, through a range of systems (Desigo CC, Desigo CC Compact and Desigo Optic) all of which can enhance occupant comfort and productivity as well as improve operational and energy efficiency.

With the PXC4, 5 and 7 programmable automation stations a flexible solution is available for every requirement. Features include alarm signalling, time switch programs or trend logging functions. The PXC5 is the most recent and is a perfect complement to the PXC4 and PXC7 stations. It has 24 onboard I/Os with the capability to extend this using Siemens TX I/O modules to offer up to 80 points per controller. The PXC4 controller has 16 onboard I/Os, with the PXC7 utilising the TX I/O modules to offer connection of up to 400 datapoints.

Ease of integration is ensured through all of the PXC controllers using the BACnet open communication protocol, with the controllers subjected to stringent hardening tests and prepared for BACnet Secure connect, the addendum to the BACnet protocol.

The new licence-free Desigo Engineering Framework enables devices to be seamlessly integrated in the same framework for intuitive engineering, with easy wireless access to facilitate building automation.

Alarms can be processed on site or remotely through the user’s wireless access to the controller. Security is a central feature of the design, with certificate handling and signed firmware to prevent cyberattacks from malware and viruses.

Future-proofing is ensured through the possibility of easy modifications or extensions, while consistent equipment design offers standard handling, installation, maintenance and replacement which is both quick and cost-effective.

An automated HVAC system is key to ensuring energy savings and reduced operations costs, also enabling effective compliance with standards. Desigo and its range of PXC controllers offers high performing automation through the integration of different protocols with no need for additional hardware or software.


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