Siemens ranks as a leading IoT platform provider for smart buildings

Siemens ranks as a leading IoT platform provider for smart buildings

Independent industry research company Verdantix has recently ranked Siemens Smart Infrastructure as a leading provider of the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for smart buildings. The “Green Quadrant IoT platforms for Smart Buildings 2019” report assesses 13 companies that Verdantix considers as shaping the market, which is still at its infancy but seeing strong competition.

According to Verdantix, occupant wellbeing, cost reduction and space utilization will drive real estate strategies for the next year. “Customers want a single source view of their building data in order to generate money-saving insights and boost employees’ productivity,” said Dennis Callaghan, Principal Analyst at Verdantix.

“We are thrilled that Verdantix acknowledges our standing in the market, as we combine homegrown and acquired solutions to implement our ambitious vision for smart buildings,” said Eike-Oliver Steffen, CEO of the Solution and Service Portfolio at Siemens. “Ranking Siemens as a market leader recognizes our capabilities to meet evolving customer requirements beyond simply monitoring, analyzing and controlling building services. Today, buildings are interacting, learning and adapting, creating environments that fit the habits and needs of their occupants.”

Verdantix emphasized that Siemens has built an impressive ecosystem of smart building solutions, constantly enhancing its offering for user-centric smart buildings.

At the center of Siemens’ comprehensive and integrated smart building portfolio is Navigator, a cloud-based analytics platform. It collects, organizes, visualizes and analyzes building data, mostly for energy, sustainability and asset performance. Siemens offers several other building IoT applications within its ecosystem, including Comfy for workplace experience and analytics, Enlighted for IoT solutions and sensor technology, the Siveillance product line for security and access control, building twin as the repository for data from construction plans and live building data, such as from sensors, and the Desigo CC building management system. Siemens’ MindSphere IoT operating system, designed to connect building assets and support the integration and analysis of monitoring data in the cloud, is the underlying platform for these applications.

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