‘Smart Home Trends’ with Tech4

‘Smart Home Trends’ with Tech4

Control your Lights, Heating, Blinds & Media with an eNet Smart Home System from Tech4

We talk to leading Home Tech Partner for DIY, Self-build and Professionals, Tech4, to find out the latest eNET smart home technologies to hit the interior scene and how this is impacting 2019 Home Interior Trends for you, the modern homeowner.

First things first, what is eNet? Put simply, eNet is a wireless system that enables you to transform your home into a ‘smart networking hub’ so you can easily control all building technology without lots of unsightly cables and wiring! Typically using a smart operating device like a smart phone or tablet, eNet means you can now make sure your home works smart, even when you’re not there!

To hopefully alleviate any concerns you might have regarding your own ‘smart home’ upgrade, please find below some ‘need-to-know’ information that you might find useful when going smart…

‘Smart’ functionality

Are there regular home components you use daily or, does your house lay dormant for long periods of time? With a ‘smart home’ upgrade you’ll be able to remove the need for manual control and replace it with intuitive technology that can be controlled remotely and automatically: ideal if you want to mimic habitation!

You can make simple adjustments to your lights and blinds, set the room temperature by controlling your heating or get the latest online weather forecast from your sofa. You can even operate a door communication system or listen to your favourite tunes with an eNet Smart Home System: letting you command and manage many of your homes technology functions. A fully customisable option, you can even pre-program the level of heat, lighting and music to suit the individual: making sure everyone can experience a personalised, more convenient home environment. 

‘Smart’ Recommendation

So how do you achieve an eNet Smart Home System? Introducing, the Gira G1 eNet wireless system controlled using the Gira G1 smart operating device: an intelligent central control unit for operating entire building technology like lighting, AV solutions and more. You can remotely turn on your lights, open blinds and control it all from one place, using the impressive G1 touch panel with brilliant multi-touch TFT colour display.

Putting YOU first…

Welcome to www.tech4.co.uk - Tech4’s new eCommerce site which provides you with a new online resource for intelligent smart home solutions. Providing convenient e-purchasing anytime you want it, Tech4 offers Smart Home Automation, Audio & Media Entertainment systems so you can create your very own ‘smart home‘, products include:

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Heating
  • Home Networking
  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Mood Lighting
  • Switches & Sockets

“It is fair to say that home interiors are now taking a more automated approach to design where function, convenience and security require a certain level of smart intelligence. For us to be able to present you with award-winning solutions 24/7, is just one step closer to you achieving your ‘smart home’ ambitions sooner than you think” concludes Craig Walker, Managing Director at Tech4. 

For further info on Tech4 Products & Services, please contact https://www.tech4.co.uk/.