Xicato offers complete control in relighting of the Gran Melia Jakarta

Xicato offers complete control in relighting of the Gran Melia Jakarta

Xicato’s award-winning Bluetooth mesh solutions bring ease of installation

When LaaS Lighting, a specialist Lighting as a Service company, was commissioned to relight the Gran Melia Hotel located in the downtown area of Kuningan, Jakarta, they knew they faced a great challenge and an op- portunity: to modernize and digitalize without any physical change to the the iconic hotel known for its stunning architecture, timeless luxury with an avant-garde flair and passionate commitment to its Spanish heritage.

LaaS turned to Xicato’s superior lighting and wireless controls portfolio to provide the spectacular lighting that would showcase the hotel’s architecture with complete control over the dynamic lighting effects. Freed from traditional rigid wired and centralized controls systems, the Xicato Bluetooth Mesh controls along with Xicato’s intelligent drivers afforded the flexibility and ease of installation needed to relight the hotel to the grandeur such rich history and architecture deserved.

The Challenge and Solution

The Gran Melia Jakarta had been experiencing issues related to lack of scheduling of lighting levels depending on occupancy. Additionally, the hotel requested dramatic and changing lighting effects to wow guests from the moment they walked through the doors throughout their entire stay, proving an experience like none other. However, the facility had several constraints that inhibited the installation of systems with these features typical of modern smart lighting.

The light control system had to offer hotel management the ability to impress their guests with awe-inspiring lighting and provide the adaptability and flexibility to be installed within the current lighting and wiring environment. These requirements brought them to Xicato, well-known for their quality solutions in both lighting and advanced controls. Xicato provided the technical solutions to not only deliver upon the project specifications but also to overcome these constraints.

One of the other challenges of the project was how to integrate a new lighting control panel and admin dashboard with the existing control system already in place. The solution became relatively easy since one of Xicato’s key differentiators is that it is designed to be integrated with various third party applications and controls, in any operating system, through their open API. In this case, LaaS used Xicato’s Xtouch within the Android console. The end result was that the Xicato controls are easily accessible by the hotel management team on their mobile devices.

Xicato’s Controls Provides Ease of Integration

LaaS determined that Xicato’s Intelligent Gateway (XIG) with open API and Bluetooth mesh wireless controls, Xicato Intelligent Drivers (XID), and GRE Alpha SLD-DIM-XG4--a 3rd party Bluetooth dimming module that has Xicato Inside, together would form the best overall solution for the project. Xicato’s Bluetooth mesh scalability meant that not only it could address the current needs of the facility, but also since it is future proof it can be easily reconfigured and expanded as new needs arise. Additionally, the Xicato wireless controls offered a competitive advantage with its seamless integration to 3rd party systems, providing flexibility for future expansion.

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