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Innovation vs old habits

Innovative technologies alongside new projects: Kapertoren Hasselt and Warelles example.

An intelligent and flexible electrical installation is already one of the most common solutions in the 21st century. Nevertheless, we notice that very often, sometimes due to lack of knowledge, the contractors resort to the electrical wiring dating more than 60 years.

On the contrary, the ones who have understood the benefits of the new technology, now offer projects that provide the contemporary comfort and wide range of flexible, user-friendly functionalities to turn a house into a smart home. In a world of constant progress and change, manufacturers rise to the challenge and make the electrical installation of the Home Automation solutions 'future proof’ due to improvement in the functionalities making things easy to use and control.

Innovation for a better life - modern solution for modern society

Push buttons with freely adjustable function take over from the old switch. Integration of the video door-entry systems and the lighting of the apartment provide extra functionality. Usage of a smartphone or tablet to fully manage the house functions, controlling locally or remotely. Whether you are at work, on holidays or simply shopping, all these are no longer a science-fiction story, but a standard option offered to the owners in projects such as Kapertoren Hasselt and Warelles which use Home Automation by Dobiss, a Belgian manufacturing company backed by international FERMAX group. Dobiss has been forerunners in the field of home automation for over two decades. Not only do they strive to produce user-friendly modules which are both affordable and high-quality, but they also focus on providing excellent service.

Among numerous new possibilities that the home automation brings with it, we find features to improve our everyday life. For our comfort, control of the temperature or blinds management, regulating the lights or watering. Upgrade security and go on holiday without having to worry, with permanent monitoring, acting in situations of risk, using the presence simulation in case you are not at home. Control and communicate with home automation systems through smartphones or tablets. Moreover, we can also increase energy efficiency thanks to chronothermostats by rationalizing energy consumption: use the 'leaving home' scenario to ensure that all lights and devices are switched off when you leave your home. Some of the solutions used in the projects that are further mentioned below.

No need to worry - easy to install and reasonably priced solution

When it comes to home automation solutions, there are, as well, plenty of other advantages to consider, which makes it a fairly attractive choice. It is a tried and tested technology with simple cabling and flexible installation: addition, modification and/or upgrade is possible at any time. It is also time saving, as there is no vertical gap between the blocks and the ceiling, and tile drilling is necessary only for the light point. Moreover, 5G cable is no longer needed and it is easy to realize 2 or 3 direction light points. The configuration is simplified thanks to intuitive program and possibility to re-export the same project in different apartments. You’ll be using it in no time. No pricey experts or lengthy courses are needed.

Not to mention, management via smartphone/tablet is available from the base system

It offers moreover reduced budget for the developer who, in return, will offer apartments for sale that are better equipped than their competitors.
Topping it all off, the end user will benefit on a daily basis from the comfort of a modern installation.

Access your apartment from a pocket device

Among plenty of contemporary projects that include home automation as a standard option, let’s consider two, that include the earlier mentioned Dobiss.

In Kapertoren Hasselt project, located in Hasselt (Belgium), the total of 76 apartments are equipped with Dobiss home automation comfort installation using the NXT-server, a new master module, fully web based. Thanks to the NXT server every apartment owner can easily manage and control his home automation installation from anywhere, with any device, whether it’s a tablet, mobile phone or PC, via individual cloud accounts which makes each of the apartments “accessible from your pocket”.

To optimise the installation, every apartment is equipped with a DUOX VEO-XS touch monitor for easy control of the lightings, screens or scenarios. On the site there are 3 DUOX video SKYLINE door panels with graphical display to welcome the visitors.

The Warelles project, which consists of the installation made for 23 apartments divided into 3 blocs (10 – 8 – 5) and a general entrance (gate) with 23 push buttons, has installed DOUX with standard FE9415 Dobiss VEO-XS and Dobiss NXT-server with temperature control integration, in 4 to 5 zones in all apartments. The users can as well access the apartments or locals from the outside, using any devices foreseen with the browser.

All of the above-mentioned conveniences and many more, are possible now with home automation systems like Dobiss. Anything we can think of to upgrade our home’s functionality and bring the best out of it in the simplest way. The system can be tailored and adjusted to any needs. It can help to save energy, keep us safe and look after our comfort. With Dobiss/ Fermax integrated solution, Kapertoren and Warelles profile themselves even more as a future way of living. /