Ajax Systems unveils new devices for home comfort, security and productivity 

Ajax Systems unveils new devices for home comfort, security and productivity 

Ajax Systems, the biggest European manufacturer of smart security systems, held its fourth presentation of new products called Special Event: Comfort zone. 

The company broke into a new niche by unveiling a dimension of devices for home comfort and productivity, as well as a new fire product line. New products will become available for order in Q4 2022.

LifeQuality: guarding your productivity

LifeQuality is a professional indoor air quality monitor measuring CO2, temperature and humidity levels. Ajax saw an opportunity to combine security and comfort in a professional device about the quality of life. Packed with Swiss and Swedish sensors used in medical equipment, LifeQuality provides the most reliable data. There is also something new for Ajax interfaces — charts in the app. Users see the current indicators, can view the history for several days, a week, a month, a year, and understand the dynamics of air quality. A light indicator instantly reports CO2 level on tapping the Ajax logo. It glows yellow, red, or purple if the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeds the norm.

LightSwitch: comfort and security in a touch

With LightSwitch, the system users can control a wide range of illumination devices, both on-site and remotely, through Ajax apps. LightSwitch features a large touch-sensitive panel responsive to a tap or contactless activation — it is enough to put a hand at least 15 mm close to the device, and the light turns on. Due to the soft LED backlight, it’s easy to do even in the dark. The sound and vibration of LightSwitch evoke positive emotions, bringing such a familiar feeling of mechanical switch.

Leak prevention with WaterStop: not a drop of problems

Ajax Systems unveils WaterStop, a water shutoff valve with remote control. It helps to build a fully automated leak prevention system with professional security technology reliability. The device consists of a quality Bonomi valve and a powerful electric actuator that shuts off the water automatically by command from the Ajax app or a button pressed on-site.

Being a part of an Ajax security system, WaterStop adopted all the signature technologies proven by time. The actuator works on batteries for up to 3 years while being able to shut off the water in a matter of seconds. A command to do this is delivered by the Jeweller radio protocol which has a communication range of up to 1,100 meters and features encryption, frequency hopping, and jamming detection.

FireProtect 2: accuracy through steam, dust, and time

FireProtect 2 is a whole lineup of detectors providing a wholly new level of technology in residential fire safety. Ajax developed a patented smoke chamber that is ultimately dustproof and impenetrable for insects. This means that there is no need to clean it regularly. Under the hood, the detector has a dual-spectrum optical sensor that can distinguish smoke from water steam.

The second sensor in the detector is the thermistor. It quickly distinguishes the temperature spike, which gives a significant advantage when synthetic materials burn. An extended version of the detector with an additional carbon monoxide sensor was presented as well. Both detectors have versions with replaceable or sealed batteries. The device works up to 7 years from a replaceable battery and at least 10 from a sealed one.

Ajax also developed separate versions without a smoke chamber, in a slightly smaller enclosure. Different versions: with a temperature sensor, with carbon monoxide sensor and with both these sensors. 

With a unique smoke chamber, thought-out software, different power supply options and variety of sensors, the FireProtect 2 lineup will allow partners to install Ajax devices not only in Europe, but also in any regulation region in the world.

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