An ENTR® smart lock provides the smartest solution for Croatia’s holiday rentals providers

Vacation rentals are booming in Croatia, so Pula-based Intersoft sought to develop a technology-based solution to make life less hectic for property renters and their guests. For the core of their new app-based service, they chose the ENTR® smart door lock from ASSA ABLOY´s trusted brand Yale.

Physical key-based solutions are inflexible and create costs for renters, particularly in travel time to and from key handovers. The problem is acute for agencies handling multiple properties.

Intersoft’s new Entrerio® ( solution needed a lock with simple, wireless installation on existing doors, with no drilling; ease of app use for guests to create a seamless experience; and the ability for owners and agents to issue and revoke keys digitally.

Why did they decide on the ENTR®? “ASSA ABLOY products have shown to be the most reliable in the market, and technologically more advanced than competitors’ products,” says Dean Verbanac, Intersoft’s CEO.

An easier life for renters & property managers

Entrerio® ( is a tool to improve quality of service and guest satisfaction.

“This technology is intended to make life easier for the owner and to make a guest’s stay more pleasant,” adds Dean Verbanac. “It provides more flexibility when handing keys and welcoming guests. It saves time and travel costs.”

This new digital key management system allows users to send digital keys directly to guests’ mobile devices — from anywhere. Guests can open the door to their rental apartment with just the Entrerio® app and a secure Bluetooth connection.

“The integration process was not complicated at all,” confirms Intersoft CEO, Dean Verbanac.

App notifications inform a property owner when a guest enters their apartment for the first time and when their ENTR® lock’s battery is below 20%. They can also call up an audit trail of all their keys from Entrerio®. For guests, push notifications keep them constantly updated with key validity and activation.

With ENTR®, everyone benefits

Now, property agents no longer worry about fixing an appointment to hand over mechanical keys to guests. Using Entrerio®, they send a digital key when payment is received, with its exact validity period already programmed. When the rental period ends, the key deactivates automatically. They can also choose to deactivate it remotely at any time.

For guests, there’s no waiting around; they can arrive when they choose, using a key that’s already active on their smartphone. They feel safer because Entrerio® removes the risk any previous guest has lost or copied a physical key. They can rely on high-security, patented lock technology from a trusted home security brand plus 128-bit AES encryption of all communications between the Yale ENTR® smart door lock and the Entrerio® app.

For Intersoft, the new Entrerio® app and ENTR® smart door lock integration is opening doors to grow their business, including possible API integrations with online booking, property and channel management platforms.