Leading UK manufacturer unveils new ventilation system to tackle the nation’s damp and mould problem

Leading UK manufacturer unveils new ventilation system to tackle the nation’s damp and mould problem

Leading UK-based manufacturer Ebac has unveiled a new mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system in order to tackle the UK’s damp and mould problem.

The UK manufacturer, based in Newton Aycliffe has designed the system to be an easily installed, self-managing, ‘hands-off’ eco-system for landlords, tenants and homeowners, offering a major solution to the UK’s damp and mould problem.

The unit, which is designed to be installed in any loft opening, is a ‘whole-building’ solution, continually extracting polluted, humid air from within a building and replacing it with fresh air taken from outside the building through a heat exchange system.

The unit offers offers further significant cost savings through its patented Smart Control System.

Smart Control, which is unique to Ebac, adjusts airflow and performance levels based on live readings from the building’s internal climate, reducing energy usage and requiring no programming from the tenant or homeowner.

Ebac, which has manufactured and sold over 2 million commercial and domestic ‘plug in’ dehumidifiers globally, has launched the MVHR as a long-term solution to damp and mould in residential and commercial buildings, which is estimated by the UK government to stand at 3-4% of the four million social housing homes, with 0.2% of those falling below the ‘decent homes standard’.

The scale of the UK’s damp and mould problem has come to the fore recently following the tragic death of Awaab Ishak in Rochdale which has prompted new legislation that is due to come into force later this year.

Awaab’s Law will place mandatory obligations on private and social landlords to ensure that damp and mould issues are investigated and serious complaints resolved quickly.

The Housing Ombudsman will also be given new powers to help landlords improve performance, in amendments to the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill and social housing landlords will have to investigate and fix damp and mould in their properties within strict new time limits.

Andrew Hobson, Sales and Marketing Director at Ebac said:

“There are currently around 4.5 million cases of damp and mould across the UK which equates to around 19% of the housing stock- and those are the cases that have been reported. With the new legislation and retrofit requirements for buildings in the lead up to 2050, our system will offer a more cost-effective solution for housing associations, councils and private landlords to ensure that their tenants are living in healthier, more energy-efficient spaces.

Our Smart Control feature means that commercial and residential landlords and tenants do not have to touch the units, only requiring a filter change every 12-24 months depending on usage.”

The unit has been launched this month following successful trials across the UK and will be showcased at the Installers Show in Birmingham in June of this year.

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