'Motion Pictures' with Gira System 3000

'Motion Pictures' with Gira System 3000

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, make light and blind control easy with the launch of its brand new and highly informative instructional video for the Gira System 3000:


The Gira System 3000 is an advanced blind and light control system that you can control in your home with the touch of a button, conveniently controlled through the Gira App or Display timer. Smart technology in your home has never been easier, more convenient or eco conscious: helping you to save on utility bills by lowering the blinds and minimizing potential heat loss when needed.

With the option to control either manually or automatically, you can store your own personal blind control settings at the push of a button: spanning movement times for all seven days or customised separately for weekdays and the weekend via the menu.

The System 3000 blind control customised time program is also available with an astro function for added convenience. The integrated astro function makes it possible to dynamically adapt to changes in sun position and light phase automatically: sunrise and sunset and the changeover between summer and winter season.

Did you know that statistically, illuminated and/or lived-in properties are less likely to be burgled? Gira give special importance to high levels of functionality with a view to increase build security with 21st century intelligence. For example, the Gira System 3000 makes it possible for your home to mimic habitation by opening/closing the blinds: ideal when planning a long holiday, business trip or your property is a second home.

In addition, the Gira System 3000 operating top unit memory can store both an individual intermediate position and a time for raising and lowering. If Memory Mode is activated, both functions are repeated in a 24-hour cycle. In Night Mode, the status and function LED are not permanently illuminated: meaning a more comfortable, unbroken sleep!

For even more user convenience, Gira recommend you download the Gira App so you can control the blinds and lighting from the comfort of your sofa or remotely, via a smart phone or tablet. The operating unit is bluetooth enabled, and the App has a clear display and a large screen that is perfect for keeping control of all your settings: as it easy to copy programmes from other units that have already been created.

Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK Ltd, comments “We have a notable aptitude for perfecting both form and function, but above all else, making lives become a little easier, more convenient and safer for our customers. As a result, our highly intuitive and intelligent systems have been designed to create a working brain in your home so that it starts to enrich your lifestyle, personal preferences and daily routine.”

All this can be achieved at the push of a button and features include:

-          Illuminated digital display

-          Five operating top units

-          Touch-sensitive display

-          Blind timer for ease of use

-          Separate program settings available

-          Simple button controls

-          Bluetooth enabled

-          Personalisation

-          Astro setting

-          Memory mode