New small-format switches ideal for demanding consumer electronics and industrial applications

New small-format switches ideal for demanding consumer electronics and industrial applications

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control and sensing, today introduced the MITI-7 Series Ultra-Miniature Reed Switch, a Form A (single-pole, single-throw normally open or SPST-NO) switch that’s hermetically sealed in a 7mm-long glass envelope. The MITI-7 Series offers sensitivity options ranging from 6 AT to 20 AT, far wider than existing magnetic switches of comparable size, which were limited to a range of just 6 AT to 10 AT. New automated assembly equipment has allowed Littelfuse to boost production capacity for these small-format switches, which help circuit designers save space on crowded circuit boards.

Typical applications for the MITI-7 and MISM-7 reed switches include position and speed sensing in a broad array of markets:

  • Appliances
  • Building and home automation
  • Consumer electronics
  • Data centers
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare

The MISM-7, a surface-mount version of the MITI-7, is also available. Both can switch 170VDC at 10W and offer high insulation resistance (1012 ohms min.) and low contact resistance (<150 milli-ohms).

"The MITI-7 Series is built on fully automated equipment with precision controls," said Max Shi, Product Marketing Manager, Sensors at Littelfuse. "The increased capacity and superior quality standards this equipment supports help us to supply these reed switches to the global marketplace at much more competitive prices."

The MITI-7 Ultra-Miniature Reed Switch offers these key benefits:

  • Hermetically sealed switch contacts are unaffected by and have no effect on their external environment.
  • Very low circuit board space requirement due to 7 mm x 1.8 mm size.
  • Excellent choice for switching micro-controller logic level loads with ability to switch 170VDC or 0.25A at up to 10W.

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The MITI-7 Ultra-Miniature Reed Switch and MISM-7 Surface Mount Reed Switch are available in bulk in quantities of 2,000. Find out more and request your sample at TTI.;5643304;369307;211;0/?ft_width=1&ft_height=1&gdpr=${GDPR}&gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_78}&us_privacy=${US_PRIVACY}&url=30966599

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