Siemens adds to Desigo capabilities with release of new controller

Siemens adds to Desigo capabilities with release of new controller

The PXC5.E24 is the latest automation station to be added to the Desigo™ HVAC and building control system and brings with it enhanced flexibility, greater interoperability and easier installation.

A fundamental requirement for efficient building automation is a reliable control system. The new controller joins the existing PXC4 and PXC7 controllers and features 24 onboard I/Os, which can be extended to offer an impressive 80 points on a single compact unit.

The PXC5.E24 is designed for optimum interoperability, with its two RS485 ports, enabling Modbus data point integration via RTU and/or the BACnet open communication protocol. It also features an onboard KNX PL-Link, making daisy-chain network extension easy, with M-Bus integration available soon.

Quick installation and commissioning is ensured through a simple and intuitive license-free ABT Site engineering tool, supported by the ABT Go mobile App which allows connectivity from a smartphone. A further benefit in terms of installation is that the controller can provide power for up to 4 extension I/O modules from the TXM I/O range.

Secure remote connectivity offers the capability to monitor and make changes to the system off-site, reducing the potential number of site visits and therefore improving sustainability. Alarms can be processed on site or remotely through the user’s wireless access to the controller. Security is a central feature of the design, with certificate handling and signed firmware to prevent cyberattacks from malware and viruses.

Desigo is designed to manage any facility, irrespective of its size or complexity, enhancing occupant comfort and productivity as well as improving operational and energy efficiency. With the PXC4, 5 and 7 programmable automation stations a flexible solution is available for every requirement.

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