Valve Sense: Smart inspection system for maintenance in hazardous areas

Valve Sense: Smart inspection system for maintenance in hazardous areas

Lauda-Koenigshofen, 23 May 2023. MOBILE, innovation and world market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions, presents together with its strategy partner Senseven the mobile inspection system Valve Sense. Industrial customers can now use the software and AI-based system in conjunction with MOBILE’s IS540.1 smartphone to monitor critical valves in international explosive hazardous areas. This solution uses advanced sensor technology based on the proven acoustic emission method which can be easily applied by maintenance personnel via software guidance – without special training and expert knowledge. Companies can use the mobile inspection set consisting of a smartphone, measuring electronics, waveguide, sensors and a software package to regularly check their plants themselves during ongoing production, thus saving time and money. Intact valves ensure smooth operation, guarantee product quality and also provide safety for employees. Valve Sense helps to detect valve leakage of water, gas, steam or air at an early stage and to react promptly. With the combine expertise of both companies, Valve Sense meets the high demands of customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas sector and other demanding industries in explosive areas.

Valve Sense – The new generation of valve inspection for Ex-zones

With the launch of Valve Sense for Ex-zones, MOBILE and Senseven are pioneers in the market applying today’s digital capabilities to an inspection system for leak detection in valves. The user-friendly kit easily connects acoustic emission sensors to MOBILE’s innovative 5-G smartphone IS540.1 and transforms it into a smart valve inspection system through Senseven software. The software guides the user through the inspection process in a self-explanatory way and algorithms and artificial intelligence help with data analysis and provide immediate results on site. All data is automatically stored in a back office – a cloud-based platform for the structured management of all inspection data - to use it for further analysis and reporting. Valve Sense – Smart inspection system for maintenance in hazardous areas

Efficient maintenance process

In manufacturing plants, valve inspection is an important part of the maintenance program. Depending on the production process, there are often harsh operating environments with high temperatures, corrosive chemicals and abrasive particles. This can lead to damage on the valve and associated unplanned machine downtime. An estimated five to ten percent of all industrial valves leak. Undetected leaks caused by non-regular or improper maintenance can result in serious consequences such as injuries, raw material losses and thus produce costs or contamination/environmental pollution. By performing regular in-house valve maintenance with Valve Sense, companies have the option of only having to replace valves when they really have a defect. Functioning valves can continue to be used. And this can be done during the production process without having to test the valve functionality on an external test bench. This avoids a production standstill and at the same times ensures considerable cost and time savings.

"Thanks to the cooperation with Senseven and the new, joint Valve Sense technology solution, we can now also offer our customers the most innovative mobile solution currently available on the market for valve monitoring in hazardous areas - with our usual reliable safety standards. The combination of Senseven's technology with our 5G smartphone IS540.1 offers our customers an enormous increase in efficiency in the area of maintenance“, comments Martin Haaf, CEO of MOBILE.

„Valve Sense is a revolutionary technology that will change the way industrial valves are monitored and maintained in hazardous environments. Our team of experts has worked tirelessly to develop a system that is safe, reliable and easy to operate”, says Michael Hettegger, CEO of Senseven.

The Valve Sense set consists of a case containing the IS540.1 smartphone equipped with the Senseven software, the IS-VS1A.1 measurement electronics, a waveguide and acoustic emission sensors and will be available from Q3/2023.

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