Smart Buildings: The Edge Building

The Edge is a 40,000m² office building in the Zuidas business district in Amsterdam. It was designed for the global financial firm and main tenant, Deloitte. The project aimed to consolidate Deloitte’s employees from multiple buildings throughout the city into a single environment, and to create a ‘smart building’ to act as a catalyst for Deloitte’s transition into the digital age.

The Edge creates a radically new working environment that is enabled by sustainable technologies. With the world’s highest BREEAM rating awarded to an office building, it integrates numerous smart technologies to create adaptable and intelligent work spaces. The building demonstrates that the pursuit of a vibrant and collaborative working environment can be combined successfully with achieving the highest levels of sustainability.

The Edge underwent BREEAM certification as a way of measuring the most innovative aspects of its design and realisation. The overall concept of the building was always to be exemplary, to stand out from the crowd as a futureproof office that raises standards in the Netherlands and internationally. But no rating can fully convey the success of the project on a social level: happy, comfortable and healthy workers who are more productive because of the environment they work in.

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