Case Studies

Service still king

Building value and trust into the connected home By Sanjay Khatri, Cisco IoT.

Taking you to the Edge

The Edge in Amsterdam, the “world’s most sustainable office building,” has garnered global recognition for good reason.

Smart moves

Bosch acquires U.S. building automation specialist - Expansion of international activities with connected energy and building technology.

Home automation for the hearing impaired

Sonicco have developed a new home automation product to alert the deaf and hard of hearing when sounds are heard.

Smart connectivity

Benton County Electric solves metering infrastructure connectivity in remote areas using BGAN M2M solution from Inmarsat and Network Innovations.

Buildings of the Future: science fiction or science fact?

The world is changing at an exponential rate and science fiction is fast becoming science fact.

Smart locks will play a major part in the move to connected living
Smart locks will play a major part in the move to connected living

A smart home starts with a smart door!

Here’s how smart home specialists, utility and security providers, and telecoms companies can boost customer satisfaction and retention with smart door locks.

Global Intelligent Home Device Market Report

The report covers Intelligent home device global sales and global Intelligent home device market growth rate 2011 to 2021.

Smart Coloured Lighting

Smart lighting systems are a fun addition. Smart home products have taken the industry by storm over the past several years.

Termobuild redefines Smart Building Infrastructure

With office and commercial buildings accounting for 36% of total energy usage and 65% of electricity usage in United States, professional engineer Jack Laken P.Eng B.Sc is among those that agree that in order to achieve our quest for more sustainable and efficient economy, a better solution needs to be employed.

World’s most intelligent smart building

Meet the world’s most intelligent smart building: The Edge in Amsterdam

First-Ever Sports & Entertainment "Smart City"

Johnson Controls And Hall Of Fame Village To Create First-Ever Sports & Entertainment "Smart City" Featuring A Safe, Connected And Sustainable Environment

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