Gira expand its British Standard range

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, continues to expand its UK offering with the launch of two new Gira British Standard product solutions:

           Gira 45A Cooker Switch – in accordance with BS EN 60669-1

           Gira Unswitched Fused Spur - in accordance with BS 1363-4

‘‘Despite globalisation, most countries still have their own standards. Gira offers all common standards, with a dedicated British Standard Range that is able to incorporate the entire range of functions for intelligent building management’’ says Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK.

The new British Standard range by Gira complies with the inspection criteria of the BSI Group, the UK National Standards Body, and is able to incorporate the entire range of functions for intelligent building management. The product range covers socket outlets, dimmers, rocker and touch switches, inserts for blinds control, air-conditioning control and door communication, as well as the Gira KNX and wireless bus system.

Set to propel Gira as the UK’s reliable partner to British electricians, architects and specifiers that need to deliver on flexibility and design individualism, Gira’s new British Standard collection can also accommodate special functions for countries that require installation according to British Standard: perfect when specifying for more global markets. 

The first new intelligent build solution within the British Standard Range by Gira is the new Gira British Standard 45ACooker Switch. Designed to comply with the Institute for Standardisation, this new addition is now compatible with Gira’s range of quality Design Lines according to ‘British Standards’.

Designed to specifically fit the standard British back box, (not compatible with the European round box) Gira frames can be seamlessly integrated with the new Gira British Standard 45A Cooker Switch to elevate both form and function. 

This new feature is installed in a single British Standard back box and fits even the smallest Gira E2 frame by precise adjustment to the 76mm support ring. The body of the cooker switch needs the angular British box because of its size and the high 45A switching capacity. By removing the small lugs, Gira is able to accommodate both conventional and flat installation: protruding only 3mm from the wall. Additionally, the Gira E2 back box required for flat installation also allows for various combinations of modules, colour, design and material: not suitable for round back boxes.

Secondly, the British Standard Range by Gira also welcomes the new Gira British Standard Unswitched Fused Spur: satisfying a clear market demand for fused spur products.

The adapter support ring makes it possible that all 300 functions of the Gira assortment can easily be adapted into the angular British Standard box.

All Gira products that are designed with a 71mm support ring, can be fully integrated which enables the application of all intelligent functions by Gira.

Mark Booth continues “At Gira, we continually develop and produce systems and products which set standards in technology and design. We want to maintain our status as a ‘market-leader’ and so continued expansion and advancements are par for the course. Consequently, we’re able to incorporate our entire range of functions for intelligent building management across our dedicated British Standard Range so our customers do not have to compromise on quality standards or quality design, performance and control.’’

The British Standard build solutions are designed to work in conjunction with Gira System 55, which offers more than 300 intelligent building technology functions across six different design lines. All Gira System 55 central inserts and covers fit inside the frames of the Gira Standard 55, E2, Event, Esprit and ClassiX design lines, as well as for the Gira Profile 55. Sample functions include: Motion Detector / Electronic Blind Control / Keyless in Fingerprint / LED orientation light / Touch Switch / Touch Sensor / RDS flush-mounted radio / socket outlets & more …

Inserts and frames for Gira System 55 are available in various colours, designs and materials. Whether your customer is looking for an eclectic mix of contrasting styles or a blend of complementary colours, you can offer tailor-made design to uniquely suit any person and/or property.

 High-quality materials: impact, shock-resistant material (thermoplastic)

Homogeneous and easy-care surface: halogen-free and UV-resistant material, particularly resistant to signs of wear and tear

For the height of flexible design, utility and user convenience, Gira’s various Design Lines of sockets and switches offer up to 3-5 gang solutions, as standard: meaning the opportunities for added intelligence and personalised features are even greater! UK standard is typically only 1-2 gang frames.