Retrotouch launches smart switches for Philips hue lighting

Retrotouch launches smart switches for Philips hue lighting

becomes official ‘friends of hue’ supplier of smart, stylish, wireless switches

  • Wireless, stick-anywhere, battery-free switch can control up to 50 Philips Hue lights and lamps simultaneously
  • Ensures that the Philips Hue lighting system is always-on and smart, working seamlessly from the switch, via motion, voice and App controls
  • Switch connects directly to the Philips Hue Bridge – no additional Smart Home Hub is needed
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Stylish, premium glass design to perfectly complement Philips Hue
  • Price: £59.99

Retrotouch, the innovative UK Switches and Sockets brand, has become an official supplier of Philips Hue light switches, providing consumers with beautifully-designed ‘always on’ system for effortless control over their Philips Hue lighting.

Addressing the issue of a home’s wireless smart lighting connections being cut off from smart functions if a light switch is manually flicked off, the new Retrotouch switches include all the connections need to create an always on circuit so the smart bulbs have power.  While the switches will work as normal to flick lights on and off, the lighting circuit will always remain on so that Philips Hue is ready and working when you want it - seamlessly delivering control from the switch, Hue App, HomeKit, voice and motion functions.

The Retrotouch Friends of Hue switches can either be fitted to replace an existing light switch, or used as a wireless, battery-free solution, stuck on any wall, wherever’s most convenient for everyday use.  The switches don’t need batteries or a power cable and they are as durable and reliable as a traditional wired switch.

The switches have a range of up to 30 metres and, thanks to EnOcean’s innovative harvesting technology each press of the switch generates enough energy to send a radio signal to the Philips Hue Bridge, meaning no batteries are needed.

Retrotouch’s wireless and battery-free switches have been designed to look great too, with a premium glass finish bringing a stylish designer-feel to your smarthome’s Philips Hue lighting controls. The switches come in white or black glass, with or without a chrome trim; and an option of one or two buttons. There’s also the option of a Retrotouch glass frame surround for the magnetic Philips Hue smart button to ensure it matches the other switches in the range.

The Retrotouch Friends of Hue switches also have matching sockets and accessories to provide a coordinated look to any room. These include double or single plug and charging sockets, TV and telephone sockets.

“We’re thrilled to become an official Friends of Hue supplier. To have our products tested and certified by Signify as a seamless solution for Philips Hue’s smart lighting system is a huge deal for us,” says Amit Ravat, MD of Retrotouch. “Our brand is all about helping to make smart living as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our new switches have been designed to do just this – providing an easy, always-on solution for everyone who loves living with Hue.”

Giuliano Ghidini, Commercial Leader, Signify UK&I, adds: “The Friends of Hue programme is the perfect way to bring the benefits and features of Philips Hue to a wider audience, and to make the benefits of smart lighting accessible to a larger number of smart home enthusiasts.  As part of our commitment to grow the smart lighting and Philips Hue ecosystem, we welcome Retrotouch to the Friends of Hue programme - and hope that together we can introduce an even greater number of consumers to this innovative home technology.”

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