Urmet adds energy monitoring to Max Pro touchscreen

Video entry manufacturer Urmet’s Max Pro touchscreen is now available with the option for a pre-installed energy-monitoring app, thanks to a partnership with NetThings, an Internet of Things developer.

The award-winning Energy Manager app can now be viewed on the Max Pro touchscreen, providing residential and small business occupants with energy use and cost information on the same screen as their video door entry system. This is all achieved using the Energy Manager base unit’s built-in web server and WiFi access point, with no requirement for local network access or mobile infrastructure. 

Energy Manager is a leading system for compliance with the ENE3 energy display requirement under the Code for Sustainable Homes. Capable of monitoring all utilities, including electricity and heat, it is worth two ‘code credits’ under the regulations.

The NetThings platform’s other features, such as transmission of energy data to billing systems, or nano-BEMS functionality for controlling heating and other building functions, are all potentially available from the base unit.

Urmet’s Max Pro touchscreen enables architects and developers to reduce the number of control devices to one multi-functional touchscreen. The screen is powered by Android, allowing seamless integration of apps from third parties and enabling specifiers to choose their smart home control partners for heating, cooling, lighting, blinds and energy display – without being tied to one brand.

“NetThings are pleased to partner with Urmet to introduce our Energy Manager monitoring capability to their Max Pro display which provides a more integrated experience to the occupants,” said Terry Hawksby, Housing Business Director at NetThings.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with NetThings’s cutting-edge and intuitive energy management technology, adding to the growing range of automation and monitoring options available with our Max Pro touchscreen,” said Mark Hagger, Sales Director at Urmet UK.

For further information, please visit www.urmet.co.uk